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Sunday, November 12, 2017

British woman is tortured in Iran - UK should immediately Cut all ties with Iran until she is released

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Iran jail British woman for no reason.
Everyone accuses the British Foreign Secretary, instead of the Islamic regime in Iran.
Britain must immediately cut all ties with Iran until she is released.
Under Sharia law in Iran women are not considered human beings, women are being oppressed in the name of Islam.
The Western world is turning a blind eye to the cruel violation of human rights in Iran.
No Western country should have ties with Iran, a country that supports terrorism against non-Shiite countries.
Iran founded the Shiite terror organization Hezbollah in Lebanon with the declared aim of destroying Israel.
During the first and second Lebanon wars, Hezbollah fired tens of thousands of rockets at civilian communities in northern Israel.
Hezbollah's name means "an army of Allah." This Shiite terrorist organization is waging a war against Israel and threatens to kill 800,000 Israelis by bombing a chemical factory in Haifa (a historic Christian city in northern Israel).
Every year thousands of Muslims take to the streets of London, Paris, Rome and other major cities in Europe, to declare loyalty to Hezbollah (Allah's army).
They call it "Al Quds Day March" This holiday was founded by the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
The Muslim mayor of London allowes this to take place in the capital of England.
Shame on London, shame on Britain!
Al Quds Day march must be banned in the West.
The West must stop embracing Islam-based hatred of Israel.