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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Deadly Earthquake strikes Iran - enormous potential damage to the Underground nuclear infrastructure

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A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has shaken the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, killing at least 207 people and injuring about 2,500.
The state news agency, IRNA, said the official death toll was expected to rise.
"There are still people under the rubble," an Iranian governor, Mojtaba Nikkerdar, said on state TV.

Iran's rulers are more concerned about the damage to the underground nuclear infrastructure than to the people affected by the Deadly earthquake.
The Supreme Leader of Iran has often called for the destruction of the State of Israel and vowed to develop a nuclear bomb in order to attack Israel.

On the Iraqi side, the most extensive damage was in the town of Darbandikhan, 75km (47 miles) east of the city of Sulaimaniyah in the Kurdistan Region.