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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Watch: Suicide bomber’s Mother “Praise Allah, my son committed suicide bomber, my son is dead”

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A Palestinian mother is interviewed on the official Palestinian Authority television station. She says that it is her honor to have a son who is a Martyr, and that all Martyrs are her children. She praises Allah and states that she is willing to offer all her seven children as Martyrs to redeem Jerusalem. PA TV (Fatah), Sept. 24, 2002.

Mother of Martyr:
"Praise to Allah! I hold my head high. The honor is mine I have a son who is a Shahid (Martyr), and my Shahid is not my only son, all the Shahids are my children. Praise Allah, the honor and pride are mine Im willing to offer all my seven children to redeem Jerusalem, to redeem Jerusalem, to redeem Jerusalem."