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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Parliament in Iran overwhelmedly voted to declare Jerusalem as Palestine's capital, and Washington, DC as Lebanon's capital

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The Islamic Republic of Iran, country that does not even recognize the existence of Israel, has decided to independently declare Jerusalem as the capital of an Islamic Palestinian state.
This is not a joke, the members of the Islamic Parliament of Iran really think they can determine for Israel its capital.
What will they do next? Maybe determine that Washington is the capital of Lebanon.
Only Israel has the right to determine its capital, It's not up to the UN, EU or the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Jerusalem is named more than 900 times in the Bible, there is no mention of Jerusalem in the Quran.
The 'Palestinian' parliament is located in Ramallah and the 'Palestinian' president lives in Ramallah.
The Israeli parliament is located in Jerusalem and the Prime Minister of Israel lives in Jerusalem.
How come Iranian parliament declares that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel?
The bond between the USA and Israel is stronger than ever. History has been made: Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Thank you America for making the right decision and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital! Trump is the first American president to fulfill his promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Just look at what happens to Christians in Neighboring Countries (Egypt, Iraq and Syria), the Islamic persecution of Christians across the Middle East has become genocide. Giving Jerusalem to Palestinian Muslims is like giving the Vatican to the Islamic state. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop joined the France President, Turkey's President, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, the Islamic Jihad and ISIS, calling on Trump not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel without the approval of the Muslim world. The Muslims who call themselves "Palestinians" are freaking out after Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the Israel's capital. Trump was under pressure from the Muslim world not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Sultan of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed "Jerusalem belongs to Muslims only". Turkey’s president warned the United States not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, or to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, saying it would constitute a “red line” for Muslims.
French president stabed Israel in the back to please the Muslim world. France's Macron told trump he's worried about U.S. recognizing jerusalem as Israel's Capital saying "it would hurt Muslim feelings and the peace process". No one in France cared about the "peace process" 3 years ago when French Senate passed resolution to recognize Palestinian state. But now after Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, France cries out "Islamophobia." Islamic countries use the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an attempt to take control of the holy sites in Jerusalem. There is no freedom of religion in any Muslim country, Israel is the only free democratic state in the entire Middle East. Only Israel can preserve the Holy Places in Jerusalem for all religions (not only Islam). The Western world must support Israel and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. There is not a single church in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.
Just look at what is happening to Christians throughout the Muslim world, the Islamic persecution of Christians in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc.) has become genocide. If you recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, share this post. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not Palestine. If you need a proof just read the Bible, and if you need another one read the Quran. There is no mention of Jerusalem in the Quran.