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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Terror plot to assassinate British PM has been foiled, just after she declared "Islam is a religion of peace" in response to Trump's Tweets

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A Islamic terror plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May has been foiled.
British police believe that the plan was to launch some sort of improvised explosive device at Downing Street and in the ensuing chaos attack and kill Theresa May.
If you want to hear what Teresa May thinks about Islam, please watch the video at the bottom of this post.
Less than a week ago Theresa May condemned the anti-Islam US president's retweets of "Britain first".
After US president Donald Trump retweeted "Britain first", British PM said Muslim terrorists are just kidding when they commit acts of terror in the name of Islam "It's not really in the name of Islam".
Theresa May claimed Muslim terrorists do not really mean "Allah Akbar" when they shout "Allah Akbar" while carrying out an Islamic terrorist attack in the name of Islam, which by the way is not really in the name of Islam, according to the British prime minister.
She said the problem is the "far right" not radical Islam because Islamic terrorism does not exist "Islamic terrorism is not Islamic and has nothing to do with Islam."