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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Palestinians are furious - Israeli Deputy FM confirms more than 10 countries will move their embassies to Jerusalem

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More than 10 countries may move their embassies to Jerusalem, Israeli deputy minister, Tzipi Hotovely, says.
The Palestinian Authority is completely losing its mind, the Palestinians have cut all ties to the American administration apart from economic ties ($400M US aid). Trump should cut all the American aid ($400M) to the Ungrateful Muslims who call themselves 'Palestinians'.
Only Israel has the right to determine its capital, It's not up to the UN, UK, Italy or France.
Ramallah is the capital of the Palestinians, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
Jerusalem is named more than 900 times in the Bible but there is no mention of Jerusalem in the Quran.
The 'Palestinian' parliament is located in Ramallah and the 'Palestinian' president lives in Ramallah.
The Israeli parliament is located in Jerusalem the Prime Minister of Israel lives in Jerusalem.
How come the 'Palestinian' Muslims claim that Jerusalem is their capital?
How can it not be obvious that they have no claim on that ancient city?
Thank you President Trump, the only President in the last 50 years to keep their campaign promise and move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.
By 2019 ten other countries will move their embssy to Israels' capital.