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Thursday, December 28, 2017

This was the brilliant response of a Jerusalem resident after Obama tried to divide Jerusalem by the UN resolution in the Security Council

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Jerusalem Resident in response to Hussein Obama "To ask us to put a terrorist state on our back doorstep when we already have one on the Gaza strip..."
Simply read history. No arab nation has the right to claim any portion of Jerusalem. Beyond this look at the geography! A quick look at the map discovers that the Arab nations can easily dive up their land and give them a place. Wait? What? it's not about the Arabs having land? It's all about the eradication of the Jewish state. Wake up.
After John Kerry’s “ignorant” speech and Obama's shameful move at UN (Security Council Resolution 2334), a resident of East Jerusalem called the “two-state solution an oxymoron.”

DANIEL LURIA: I work all the time in what the world refers to as East Jerusalem. From our point of view, it’s the eternal capital of the Jewish people. And the truth is, there’s not much the world can do about it. I was dismayed and shocked at the historical ignorance yesterday in the speech. I mean, friends don’t put friends in danger.
To ask us to put a terrorist state on our back doorstep when we already have one on the Gaza strip is just phenomenal to even think that a friend could do that.
Friends are meant to understand that we have a 4,000-year history with Jerusalem and with the land of Israel; 1,600 years when Muhammad was running around and praying in Arabia, we already had the first temple. So for people today just in talking terms of occupation or illegal settlement is just astounding. The two-state solution in addition to that is clearly an oxymoron. You can’t have two states when one of the states wants to destroy the second state. So clearly, it’s no solution. We do not teach our children to make molotov cocktails or throw stones, there’s no hate or incitement being taught or educate anywhere in our schools - and that’s what we’re up against.
So in addition to the fact that Israel is the Jewish homeland, so it’s impossible actually for us to be illegal occupiers of our own homeland. We’re surrounded by millions of people that still want to see us driven into the sea. So why should we create a state on our back doorstep?