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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Watch: Ballistic missiles, made in Iran, were intercepted by US Patriot missiles over Saudi Arabia's capital

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Saudi Arabia said it intercepted a Yemeni rebel missile over Riyadh on Tuesday, as the rebels said the target was Yamamah Palace, the official Residence of King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.
It was the second Huthi missile attack on Riyadh in the past two months.
The first attack, which targeted Riyadh International Airport on November 4th, triggered the tightening of a longstanding Saudi-led blockade of Yemen, already on the verge of famine.
Iran supplies the Shiite rebels in Yemen with ballistic missiles and weapons to take over the country.
The Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon sent its troops to back up the Shi'ite rebels in Yemen. Iran is trying to build itself as an empire throughout the Middle East.
After Yemen Iran will target Qatar, Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates one after the other.
Iran's supreme leader vows to destroy Israel Over the next 25 years, Israel takes these threats seriously in light of Iran's involvement in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.
It seems that the Western world is turning a blind eye to Iran's attempt to turn itself into an 'Islamic caliphate' and take over the Middle East.