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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Watch: Israeli MP confronts Muslim father of terrorist who murdered Israelis "Your son is a dog"

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There is no death penalty in Israel. Terrorists who kill Israelis "in the name of Allah" can only receive life sentences.
Israeli MP confronted busload of Gaza relatives visiting Muslim terrorists jailed in Israel on charges of murder and terrorism.
Likud MP, Oren Hazan, asked one father of a terrorist, who murdered Jews, "Do you support violence and terror?" The father proudly said "Yes."
The MP was filled with anger and told this father, "Your son is a dog."
Then he lashed out at all the bus passengers and told them they should be ashamed that they are teaching their children to hate. He called on them to stop teaching their children terror and violence instead of teaching them peace.
These people are proud of their family members who murdered Jews "in the name of Allah".
Did you know that Israel allows the Muslim families of terrorists to see their imprisoned terrorist relatives while Hamas refuses to give Israel or the Red Cross information about Israeli captives held in Gaza?
Israel must stop allowing this. Muslim terrorists who murdered Jews should not receive visits from family their members.