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Saturday, January 20, 2018

British Muslim leader calls to send Jews from Israel back to Germany "Where it belongs"

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Birmingham U.K. Friday Sermon by an Imam: "Israel Should Be Reestablished in Germany".
British Islamic scholar said in a sermon that Israel should be reestablished in Germany.
In recent years Britain has received hundreds of thousands of immigrants.
These people were welcome in the UK, they move to the West and complain about Israel.
They complain about Israel constantly and blame the US for all the problems in the Muslim world.
They should blame the sharia and the Islamic regimes.
Just look at the record of human rights in the Muslim world, women are considered men's property.
How these people dare to blame America for the problems they themselves create in their own countries, then move to the West to start a "new life."
They claim America created the ISIS and every terrorist is sent to America, but the truth is that every ISIS terrorist follows the Quran not the American Constitution.
These people should stop with this lie.