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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Canadian PM really believes Canadians are racists and "Islamophobes" who should be ashamed of themselves

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An embarrassing moment of the Canadian prime minister who condemned a fake hate crime.
He is so blind by the myth of "Islamophobia" that he is not even interested in facts.
He could wait for the police investigation, but he was quick to embrace Islam and treat Muslims as victims.
A Toronto police investigation has concluded that the incident reported by an 11-year-old girl who claimed her hijab was cut by a scissors-wielding man as she walked to school did not happen.
Many Canadians on the social networks expressed outrage, they are fed up with this group of people who play the victims all the time.
Justin Trudeau happily lashes out at the Canadian people because he really believes the Canadians are racists and "Islamophobes" who should be ashamed of themselves.
No Justin, you should be ashamed of yourselves because you are the one who discriminates against Muslims, you treat them as victims and oppressed.
Canada is a free country with clear laws against hate crimes, Canadians are not racists, they are not afraid of Islam.
[UnderMain] Sharia is not only a law, but also a government ruled by Islamic values.
Since the beginning of his term, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been constantly talking about "Islamophobia" which means fear of Islam.
It seems that Justin Trudeau is trying to limit freedom of speech by criminalizing criticism of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, in countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia it is called "Sharia blasphemy law".
There are already anti-hate speech laws in Canada, and there is no need to give Islam a special status under Canadian law.
Justin Trudeau is discriminating against Islam by giving it special treatment over other religions.
Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in a Western democratic state.
Shari'a laws and blasphemy law are incompatible with Western values.

Trudeau ruled a failed immigration policy in Canada.
Justin Trudeau took 25,000 Syrian immigrants into Canada.
They were not brought out of Syria, they were brought out of a safe place (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan) into Canada.
They are not really "refugees".
After Trump announced his "Travel ban", Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau wrote a post on Twitter and invited the immigrants to invade Canada illegally.
Now Canada is facing an immigration crisis, thanks to Justin Trudeau.

In his foreign policy, the situation is even worse.
Canadian PM Trudeau stabs Israel in the back by funding an Islamic UN agency in Gaza
UNRWA's education program teaches children to be suicide bombers "in the name of Allah" and wage a war of jihad against the West.
During the 2014 war in Gaza, the UN found rockets and missile launchers hidden inside UNRWA schools.
Canada must stop funding Hamas schools in Gaza.
Every Western country has the right to defend itself, Canada must close its borders and deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from.