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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Top Hamas leader injured after Someone put bomb under his car - Who could it be?

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Top Hamas leader, Mohammad Hamdan suffers leg injuries when his BMW explodes during a visit in southern Lebanon.; Hamas and Hezbollah points finger at Israel.
Hamas is a radical Islamic terrorist organization that vowed to destroy Israel by jihad.
They are not afraid to publicly declare their plan to establish an Islamic empire and conquer the entire Western world.
When Israel left the Gaza Strip, Gaza was free and all Jews were expelled.
Hamas took control on the Gaza Strip, imposed sharia law and declared war on Israel with the declared goal of destroying the Jewish state.
They fired tens of thousands of rockets at Israel, but the world turned a blind eye.
Hamas, ISIS, and Al Qaeda share the same ideology of radical Islam.
The Western world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.