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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Watch: EU vows to give the Palestinians Billions of dollars (including UK)

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The European Union stabs Israel in the back. EU foreign affairs chief 'reassures' Abbas that EU committed to establishing Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,
In a shocking statement EU foreign affairs chief reassures that all EU countries including the UK are committed to provide the Palestinian Authority with billions of dollars, including aid to UNRWA in Gaza.
UNRWA's education program teaches children to be suicide bombers "in the name of Allah" and wage a war of jihad against the West.
If you want to know what Britain and the European Union are forced to pay for, Watch the embedded video at the end of the post .
The Palestinian Authority uses European & American taxpayers' money to pay Muslim terrorists who murdered non-Muslims in Israel.
Canada, Australia, Britain and the European Union must follow Trump and stop funding UNRWA.
[UnderMain] President Donald Trump issued support for U.S. Sen. Rand Paul's proposal to fund infrastructure projects in the U.S. with foreign aid halted from going to Islamic countries that burn US flags shout "Death to America".
On his first day in office, President Trump freezed Obama's $221,000,000 parting gift to the Muslims who call themselves “Palestinians”, It is time for the Trump administration to cut the rest of the aid ($400M).
Each year, the United States gives more than $300 million to UNRWA and $400 million to the Palestinian Authority.
The US provides the largest aid budget to the Palestinians, more than any other country.
Britain gives the Palestinian Authority only $220 million every year, and Australia only $40 million.
The US shouldn't give money to countries that mass burn American flag and put Christians in jail.
Trump has already cut the US aid to Pakistan. Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and UNRWA(UN agency in Gaza) should be next.
Trump should suspend all aid to any country that has betrayed the US after the shameful UN vote against US sovereignty over US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Every two and a half minutes US pays UN $38,000 for doing nothing American taxpayers pay more than any other country for the UN budget. There are 193 countries in the UN So why are the American taxpayers funding most of its budget?
President Trump should suspend all American aid to the UN as well.