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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Watch: Muslims say Australia has no right to exist because they are "Invaders"

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Watch: Palestinian Muslims call to change, "Australia Day" to "Invasion Day".
They claim that Australia was established just like Israel, by invasion and occupation and therefore, just as they deny Israel's right to exist, they deny Australia's right to exist.
Every Australian who supports the Palestinians denies his country's right to exist".
They say "Australia Day" should be called "Invasion Day" to make Australians ashamed of their culture and history.
They claim that Australians are illegal occupiers of Australia, and they build illegal settlements and steal land.
The Palestinians want to establish an Islamic state instead of Israel, maybe that's what they want to do to Australia.
They use the same tactic of incitement and illusion. They distort history and use it for their anti-Western agenda.
Israel and Australia have a right to exist, whether these people like it or not.
Australians and Israelis should be proud of their country, their freedom and their culture.
Just look at countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia and Bangladesh where women are still considered half-human.
This video only proves the absurdity behind the idea of a "Palestinian state."