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Monday, February 26, 2018

Watch: British Man jailed for throwing bacon at Muslim woman's face

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A man who shouted at two Muslim women before striking one of them in the face with a packet of bacon has been jailed.
“The victim was not injured, but was very distressed,” Scotland Yard said in a statement.
Multiculturalism has failed in Britain but violence is not the solution.
Violence is never justified, and only causes more damage to the people who want to close the borders of Britain.
Individuals are not the problem, the UK is facing an immigration crisis and the threat of radical Islam.
Violence is not the solution and is never justified.
The solution to the immigration and terror crisis in Britain is simple, the British people should vote the right people into power, a leader like President Trump who refuses to obey the rules of political correctness and is not afraid to take action and protect his country.
Under the rule of the European Union, Britain has no right to close its borders and expel illegal immigrants back to where they came from.
The European Union's open borders policy forced Britain to accept illegal immigrants and refugees.
This is exactly why the British people voted for the Brexit.
They want to take the sovereignty of their country back.