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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Watch: Muslim girl cries Islamophobia after being asked to remove veil by Chinese authorities

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The authorities In every airport are responsible for the security of all passengers, they put securit above everything, that's how it should be.
It is not racism to worry about the security of an airport After brutal terrorist attacks throughout the Western world. The authorities are allowed to ask anyone to remove a hat, veil, burqa and even clothes.
How can you be angry at them for taking security measures after what they have gone through in 2014.
After the deadly terrorist attacks in 2014, China declared war on terrorism.
On 30 April 2014, two suicide bombings killed three and injured seventy-nine.
On the morning of 22 May 2014, two sport utility vehicles carrying five assailants were driven into a busy street market in Ürümqi, the capital of China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Up to a dozen explosives were thrown at shoppers from the windows of the SUVs. The SUVs crashed into shoppers then collided with each other and exploded. 43 people were killed, including 4 of the assailants, and more than 90 wounded, making this the deadliest attack of the Xinjiang conflict.