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Friday, February 2, 2018

Watch: Muslims threatening to murder British leader after the media falsely accused him of encouraging "Islamophobia"

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Tommy Robinson Takes on the MEDIA LIES - "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".
Please watch and share this video, Tommy Robinson is under attack directed by the media and the UK authorities.
You've probably seen the news recently trying to link Tommy Robinson to the Finsbury Park terror attack. You're probably also aware that the media are lying to you. They tried to imply that Tommy Robinson had been in DIRECT CONTACT with Darren Osbourne before he carried out his dreadful attack, when in fact he had received two automated emails from a Mailing List.
The backlash Tommy Robinson has suffered from this lie has compromised the safety of him, his family, and innocent people who live in one of his old houses.
Violence is never justified. The media is trying to divert the discussion from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism to an obsessive preoccupation with the non-existent "Far-right" incitement.
Violence is never justified. Please watch and share this video.