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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Watch: USA Passes Bill Sanctioning Palestinians for executing children - Muslims are outraged

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House Unanimously Passes Bill Sanctioning Hamas for executing children by Using them as Human Shields.
The US House of Representatives unanimously passed the bill which sanctions the terrorist group Hamas and its collaborators for deliberately putting innocent people in harm’s way as a military tactic.
The Muslims who call themselves Palestinians use children as human shields to prevent an Israeli air strike.
This is what Western media do not want you to know.
Hamas took control on the Gaza Strip, imposed sharia law and declared war on Israel with the declared goal of destroying the Jewish state.
They fired tens of thousands of rockets at Israel, but the world turned a blind eye.
Hamas, ISIS, and Al Qaeda share the same ideology of radical Islam.
The Western world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.
[UnderMain] Palestinian Leader, Saeb Erekat, Threatens Trump "If You Cut More Aid, We Will Join ISIS".
Saeb Erekat, Palestinian negotiator, says the US has no right to cut aid to the Palestinians "Giving us your money is an international obligation" He says in an interview on Fox News..
He makes it clear they will not return to the negotiating table with Israel.
But still Saeb Erekat has the audacity to claim that the refusal to negotiate does not give the US any right to stop giving UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority US taxpayers' money.
He threatens if Trump continues to cut aid to the PA it will encourage Muslims to join ISIS.
U.S. Freezes More Than Half of Aid Funds to UN Palestinian Agency In Gaza. Trump must cut the rest of the aid.
UNRWA's education program encouraging children to become suicide bombers "in the name of Allah" and wage a jihad war against the West.
Canada, Australia, Britain and the European Union must follow Trump and stop funding UNRWA.
Each year, the United States gives the Palestinian Authority $400M aid.
400,000,000 dollars of US taxpayer money is going directly to Muslim terrorists.
The Palestinian Authority uses American taxpayers' money to pay Muslim terrorists who murdered non-Muslims in Israel.
American taxpayers should not be forced to finance Islamic terrorism.
Share if you think Trump should cut all the American aid to the Muslims who call themselves Palestinians.