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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Watch: Elderly Swedish woman forced to stand up for a Muslim migrant on a bus

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Aggressive immigrant forced an elderly Swedish woman to stand up and give him her bus seat.
They do not respect the country that gives them shelter.
This abuse should not be accepted. The Migrants should respect the people who work so hard to pay taxes so that they can enjoy their new life in Europe at the expense of the welfare system.
Multiculturalism has failed in Europe.
Most people are unaware of the consequences of the illegal mass immigration into Europe that lead to the changing face of Europe.
The British have become a minority in their Own capital city.
In Sweden the situation is even worse, Swedish majority will live long enough to see themselves becoming a minority in their own country.
[UnderMain] Sweden opened its borders to free immigration from all over the world.
Multiculturalism has failed in Sweden, a good example is the incident with the cartoonist Lars Vilks, who received death threats over his drawing of the prophet Mohammed.
Freedom of speech is under attack in the West, the rise of radical Islam brings with it the demand for sharia blasphemy law to restrict freedom of expression and criminalize criticism of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.
More and more leftists in the West embrace the idea that Islam should be protected from criticism, but they do not even consider giving the same treatment to Christianity or any other ideology.
Freedom of speech is a fundamental right that must be protected in the West.