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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Israel eliminated Hamas' ability to kill Jews by digging terror tunnels - Palestinians are outraged

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Israel destroyed ‘longest and deepest’ Hamas cross-border terror tunnel. Terror groups in Gaza want to use these tunnels to murder innocent Israelis.
Instead of building new homes, hospitals and schools, money stolen by Hamas is used to build terror tunnels.
Over the last few months, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has successfully located and thwarted five terror tunnels.
Hamas has brought nothing but destruction to the Palestinian people.
But still Muslims and leftists in the West blame Israel and the Jewish people for all the problems that the Muslims call themselves "Palestinians" bring on themselves.
As part of the effort to locate and thwart terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip, the IDF established a unique technological laboratory which has a specific goal of detecting and locating tunnels. The Gaza Division, under the command of Captain B, created the laboratory two years ago. Captain B is an electrical engineer and a chemist by training and works with some of the best minds in a variety of technological and research positions, including physicists, engineers, intelligence personnel and geologists from the Technology and Logistics Branch.
Please watch this video in order to better understand how Israel has succeeded in developing a technological capability that has destroyed Hamas' ability to harm Israeli citizens by digging terrorist tunnels.