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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trudeau’s Refugees Costing Canada more then $413 Million Per Year - Canadians are outraged

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While Canadians are homeless and struggling for food being supported by food banks, some of these refugee families are being paid $4,800 per month! Ask yourself why Justin Trudeau is doing this bringing in tens of thousands of refugees! If you truly want to help the downtrodden or the oppressed, how about starting at home, in Canada!
Trudeau ruled a failed immigration policy in Canada.
Justin Trudeau took 25,000 Syrian immigrants into Canada.
They were not brought out of Syria, they were brought out of a safe place (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan) into Canada.
They are not really "refugees".
90% of the refugees accepted to Canada are still on welfare after 2 years. They receive an additional $500 per child per month from the Child tax credit so its not uncommon for them to have 8 children. Recently there was a news story about a Syrian refugee family who is already getting $4700 per month tax free, which will be increased to $5200 per month after the impending birth of baby #8. Neither are able to speak English and they claimed to be unable to attend English classes, the mother because of diabetes, and the father because he had to stay home and help with the children.
[UnderMain] In Germany the situation is even worse. Germany accepted 1.5 million migrants since 2015 and surprisingly they are not dentists, lawyers and nuclear scientists, but mostly Illegal immigrants.
The German government expects to spend around 93.6 billion euros by the end of 2020 on costs related to the refugee crisis.
Its the impact on housing, healthcare, the rising costs of welfare, schools that are brought under horrific burdens trying to teach an influx of children who don't speak the Language yet fill up the classrooms and competing for already scarce jobs with workers who are willing to take less money for the same job - these are the day to day burgeoning effects of mass immigration. Populism has ONLY arisen because the elites of Europe have neglected their duty towards the very people that put them in power.
Instead of serving the people they have falsely assumed mastery over them and the people will simply not stand for it.
The only solution to the immigration crisis is to close the borders and deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from.
Most of the immigrants who arrived in Germany are not refugees from Syria. They are Muslim immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who exploited the flow of immigrants from Syria to invade Europe as "refugees."
Multiculturalism has failed in Europe.
Most people are unaware of the consequences of the illegal mass immigration into Europe that lead to the changing face of Europe.
There are Western countries that do not even acknowledge that there is a lack of integration within the immigrant communities.
The Western world must close the borders before it is too late.