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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

WATCH: Canadian Ex-Muslim woman confronts police over her right to criticize Islam

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There have been several reports in the media that Canadian police investigating incident in which a woman ripped a Quran outside a Mosque.
A former Muslim woman can be seen on a video appearing to tear the pages of a Qur’an while calling the religious text “Satanic.”
Sandra Solomon has been portrayed in the news as a hate monger. But the media does not tell you the fact that Sandra was victim of rape and other horrible things while living under sharia law.
She grew up in Saudi Arabia under 100% Sharia law, where women are considered to be a man's property.
Sandra Solomon is a survivor and she lives to tell her story.
Please watch and share these two videos in order to understand what she is fighting for. Sandra Solomon never called for violence and she is NOT preaching against any group of people. She simply criticizes the ideology Islam and the Quran.
People should be allowed to voice their opinion in Canada.
So what exactly are they investigating? She tore pages out of a book that she owned and threw them around.
So, if it was the Christian Bible, they would just say it's freedom of speech. Right?
There was no violence or threats of violence. She is free to have her opinion