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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Khan & May forced royal family to refer to Jerusalem as "occupied" to please the Muslim world

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Prince William, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson and second-in-line to the throne, is the first British royal to pay an official visit to Israel.
The statement issued by the British Embassy in Tel Aviv said he will visit Jerusalem in “the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”
Prince William’s Itinerary Puts Jerusalem In ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’ to please the Muslim world after Trump met Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
In other words, the British government and the royal family support ethnic cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem, simple as that.
The demand of the Arab world and the Muslims who call themselves "Palestinians" is a state WITHOUT Jews, but the United Kingdom sees this as a legitimate demand.
In fact
By calling it "occupied Palestinian territories" Britain calls for mass deportation of Jews from Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.
Political correctness led Britain to abandon its values.
It’s regrettable that Britain chose to politicize the Royal visit.
The British royals and their palace handlers better start reading the Bible and study up on the 3,000-plus long history of Israel and its ancient capital, Jerusalem.
Saying Jerusalem belongs to Palestinians, is like saying London belongs to Pakistan.
Judaism was founded in the Land of Israel thousands of years before Islam was founded in Saudi Arabia by Muhammad.
Jerusalem is mentioned 900 times in the Bible, but not even once in the Koran.
There are no synagogues in Ramallah and Gaza and this is what will happen to synagogues in Jerusalem under the control of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. The royal family supports the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem.
As the only civilized nation in the Middle East, only Israel can protect the holy places of Jews and Christians in Jerusalem.