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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

4-year-old boy who was excited about Trump's visit to the UK, gets hate comments on social media

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A video that went viral of a small Jewish child in the UK who wanted to meet Trump, getting hate comments on social media.
As you can see on the video belwo of ths Daily Mail, British people have no mercy even for this little boy.
One of the comments of a woman named Gracey said "Do not expose you child to bigotry"
Another Cruel comment by Joyce went even further and attacked the child "There's obviously something wrong that the poor child. Needs to see a child psychologist sooner rather than later..."
He's just a kid who was excited about the US President visiting the UK.
Why leftists think it's okay to attack a little child who does not have any understanding about politics.
Please go to the Daily Mail's page and report these hateful comments.