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Friday, July 6, 2018

Muslims are outraged as Slovakia follows Trump by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital

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Slovakia cracks down on Islam and strengthens relations with Israel and the US.
Slovakia is known for its immigration policy according to which Christian refugees are given shelter while Muslim immigrants are deported back to their homeland.
Recently Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, sparked outrage in the Muslim world by saying “It may look strange but sorry … Islam has no place in Slovakia ... The problem is not migrants coming in, but rather in them changing the face of the country...”
And now once again, Slovakia sparks outrage in the Muslim world by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and Moving Embassy to Jerusalem.
As the only democratic state in the Middle East, only Israel can guarantee freedom of worship for Christians and Jews in Jerusalem.
Israel is the only free and democratic state in the entire Middle East.
The only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe, and women are free.
Giving Jerusalem to Hamas is like giving the Vatican to Al Qaeda.
Western countries must follow Slovakia and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
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