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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Watch: Canadian kids ask PM Trudeau to increase foreign aid to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, etc.

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Canadians Liberal children launched a campaign calling on the Prime Minister of Canada to increase foreign aid to countries such as Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Gaza, Ramallah...
It is very beautiful that these kids want to put other countries first, instead of the needy people within Canada.
But Canada is already doing too much helping other nations.
Justin Trudeau took 25,000 Syrian immigrants into Canada.
They were not brought out of Syria, they were brought out of a safe place (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan) into Canada.
They are not really "refugees".
After Trump announced his "Travel ban", Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau wrote a post on Twitter and invited the immigrants to invade Canada illegally.
Now Canada is facing an immigration crisis, thanks to Justin Trudeau.
Here is a partial list of countries that Justin Trudeau allowed to steal money from Canadian Taxpayers:
-Hamas & the Palestinian Authority: $351M
-Pakistan: $2B
-Libya: $1.45B
-Egypt: $397M
-Jordan: $463M
-Sudan: $870M
-Congo: $359M
-Kazakhstan: $304M
-Iraq: $1.08B
Justin Trudeau is spending so much on immigrants and foreign aid so now Canada can't afford care and support for Canadian veterans!