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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Australia's first Muslim Senator complains about life in Australia "Racist culture"

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Australia’s first Muslim Senator Mehreen Faruqi used her maiden speech to complain about racism and Islamophobia in Australia.
According to Ms Faruqi, muslim migrants no longer feel welcome in Australia because of the "Racist culture" which targets anyone who is not a "white man".
During her speech she attacked Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech in which he described the Muslim culture as being the least capable of assimilation. According to her remarks against the senator it’s racist to oppose Islam or even criticize its ideology and culture.
At the end of her speech she said she was unapologetically a "brown, Muslim, migrant, feminist woman". And to those who want her to "eff off back to where I came from’" Faruqi said: "Sorry, not sorry. This is my home and I’m not going anywhere".
Please watch her speech (embedded below) and leave a comments down below: What do you think about what she said?