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Monday, August 27, 2018

Baltic states strengthen ties with Israel and the US against the EU and Iran

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Germany, France and Belgium are freaking out as Lithuanian Latvia and Estonia join a long list of countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia who strengthen ties with Israel and the US and abandon the Globalist agenda of the European Union.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the joint press conference (Video embedded below) with the prime ministers of the Baltic states (B3+1): Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis, Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis and Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas:
"I am delighted that the Prime Ministers have accepted my invitation to have the next or future B3 meeting in Jerusalem. We want to enhance it with a meeting of Baltic business and technological people, and scientists, because I think this is where our future is... I unabashedly asked the help of my friends here in making, correcting what I think is a distorted position, a distorted view on Israel in the EU. I don't mean the EU countries, we are doing that on our own with all the countries of Europe, large and small. I'm talking about the organizations as such.
We discussed a number of ways that we can advance better agreement... One of the areas that I think is not fully understood is Iran. The nuclear deal with Iran threatened Europe as well because it didn't really stop the race to a nuclear weapon. In fact, it enabled Iran to pursue the enrichment of uranium unlimited within a few years what would open the path not to a nuclear bomb but to an entire nuclear arsenal.
But at the same time it also brought to Iran's coffers billions and billions of dollars that were used for the purposes of oppressing their own people inside Iran who suffer under that tyranny and of course seeking to expand the conquest of the Middle East to Iran in Iraq, in Syria, in Yemen, in Lebanon and in so many other places... I think that the decision yesterday by the EU to give 18 million euros to Iran is a big mistake. It's like a poison pill to the Iranian people and to the efforts to curb Iranian aggression in the region and terror beyond the region...
Iran tried to conduct a terror attack on the soil of Europe just a few weeks ago while Iran's Foreign Minister was meeting with European leaders. That is incredible... And I think giving money to this regime at this time is a big mistake and should be stopped. Where will the extra money go? It's not going to go to solve the water problem in Iran. It's not going to go for Iranian truck drivers.
It's going to go to the missiles and to the revolutionary guards in Iran, in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East...
I think this should be changed. All countries should join the efforts to restore sanctions on Iran in order to press them to stop their aggression and desist on their terrorist activities."