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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Watch: British man enters the bank while wearing "burqa" in order to test security protocols

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Fearless British man decided to take to test the tolerance of British society towards full face veil.
On a video (embedded below) that went viral on social media he entered a bank while wearing balaclava (man-burka).
The video was posted with the following description:
"...It just goes to show the society that we live in today.
And before people say “he’s a bigot” or “he’s racist” I can tell you categorically I’m not. This was simply an experiment.
In today’s society everyone is meant to have equal rights that is what equality is and that is the culture of today, the lefty’s have been fighting years for it, I tried to use my equal rights to make a deposit in the bank and was told I’m not allowed to wear my balaclava/man-burka in this particular bank. There’s no sign outside saying I cannot coz that would be going against equality but deep down the bankers didn’t want me wearing it. But this is the culture we live in and that is equality at its best. One rule for one and one rule for another.
So if people feel unsafe put your great British man-burka on and the fears will wash away. Stay safe people..."
[UnderMain] In Muslim countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan The Islamic veil symbolizes oppression of women under Sharia laws.
The whole idea of the hijab (and niqab) is that it is entirely the woman’s responsibility to prevent men from being tempted. She must cover herself in order to forestall that temptation.
Women who remove the veil are publicly flogged by the Sharia police.
The list of European countries adopting Burqa and Niqab bans has gained a new member.
Countries that already had such a ban include
– France
– Belgium
– Netherlands
– Bulgaria
– Austria
– Denmark.
– Switzerland
Face-covering veils includes traditional headdresses like the burqa or nikab and other items concealing the face.
In countries that banned the full face veils it won't be allowed in schools, hospitals, inside admin buildings, on public transport and other public places or buildings.
The ban doesn’t prevent your head from being covered, just your face and identity.
Violators of tes ban could be fined up to 177 US dollars in Austria and up to €405 fine in the Netherlands.
In Muslim countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan The Islamic veil symbolizes oppression of women under Sharia laws.
There is no mention of an Islamic veil or burqa in the Koran. There are moderate Muslims who call to ban the burqa in the West.