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Friday, August 10, 2018

Watch: Trudeau explains why ISIS terrorists have the right to move to Canada - Crowd Applause

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ISIS Question = Refugee Answer = Crowd Applause.
The question was from a Canadian concerned about his daughters safety because of Trudeau's stance on ISIS.
Justin Trudeau put "Islamophobia concern" above Canada's security, claiming ISIS terrorists will be welcome and integrated into Canadian society.
It is time for Canada to adopt a policy of "Canada First, Canadians First".
Justin Trudeau does not represent the working class in Canada, he does not represent the Canadian taxpayers who work hard to pay taxes.
Justin Trudeau should stop spending Canadian taxpayer money for his insane Policies.
Canada's foreign aid passes $1 billion thanks to Justin Trudeau.
Canada has more than a hundred thousand homeless people.
With more and more given to foreign counties, Canada has surpassed $1 billion in foreign aid, money that could be spent better on the homeless, veterans and the working class in Canada.
Here is a partial list of countries that Justin Trudeau allowed to steal money from Canadian Taxpayers:
Trudeau government has increased foreign aid to benefit certain governments, including $23.27 million for Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, $4.87 million to Pakistan, $3.79 million to Libya, $1 million to Egypt, $64.52 million to Jordan, $13.92 million to Sudan, $25.86 million to Congo, and $60.93 million to Iraq.
Justin Trudeau spends the money of the Canadian taxpayers on immigrants, refugees and foreign aid.