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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Hungary and Italy vow to kick all immigrants out of Europe - France is furious

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Hungary & Italy vow to stop mass migration, Macron declares himself their main opponent
French President Emmanuel Macron said leaders of Hungary and Italy were right to see him as their main opponent, upping the ante in the bitter European debate over immigration policies.
Multiculturalism has failed in Europe.
Just look at what's happening in Sweden:
Almost 2,000 vehicles have been torched across the country since January.
Remember when President Trump called out 'Swedish no go zones' and the media tripped over each other to shout 'LIAR!'? Well, they currently DO have 61 No Go zones, but their police, for political reasons, call them 'vulnerable' or 'risk' areas.
The Socialist government in Sweden have destroyed their country with uncontrolled immigration.
58% of rape cases and 75% of sexual assaults in the last five years were carried out by immigrants.
Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' researched gang rapes or 'grooming cases', (as they like to call it in the media), and found that 93% of convictions in the last two years were immigrants!
Every state has the right to defend itself and its borders by deporting illegal migrants back to where they came from.