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Monday, September 3, 2018

Shock as an Australian senator calls to deport "African gang members & their families immediately"

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"Human rights" organizations are in shock after the Australian Senator Fraser Anning called on the Australian government to abandon international law and deport members of organized crime groups and their families to stop the rise in crime committed by migrants against the local population.
In a post (Embedded below) that went viral on social media he wrote:
"...We need to deport African gang members and their families immediately... 200 Africans brawl on the street in Melbourne and one person is run down by a car...This is yet another example of African violence in Melbourne and a reminder that some cultures are not fit for Australia..."

What do you think about this? Please leave a comment below below: Do you agree with Senator Fraser Anning?
Every country has the right to defend itself, its borders and to preserve its culture, values and identity.