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Monday, September 17, 2018

UK Police Threaten To Persecute people Who Insult Islam on social media

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Under the slogan ‘Hate Hurts’, South Yorkshire Police have called upon members of the public to report incidents they know not to be criminal in order to build up a wider picture of actions which cause distress to people within the community.
In the video below Talkshow host takes South Yorkshire Police to task over their political policing policy of hurt feelings.

"...South Yorkshire police who ignored the victims of grooming gangs are now leading a campaign, asking citizens of South Yorkshire to report non-crimes, where feelings may have been hurt and offence caused... Lets just cut straight to the chase, South Yorkshire police didn’t take the victims serious, as to not offend, a certain community... I believe this campaign is for, in large,to the benefit of that certain community, so they can report “offence” when someone highlights issues arising from the community, like terrorism, intolerance and the racially motivated grooming of young white girls...."