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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hamas founder says he is willing to send his mother & daughters to a suicide mission

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WHOOPS! Hamas Terror Leader Admits the Truth and DESTROYS Liberal Media Narrative.
Hamas leader admits he "sacrificed the bodies of our women and children" to "force the whole world to split its TV screen" at the US embassy opening.
The media played right into Hamas' hands. Palestinian lives were lost to create a media spectacle.
Muslims in Gaza fire rockets at Israel targeting Israeli civilians.
Kindergartens, synagogues, hospitals and schools are all in the range of Hamas rockets.
Why is the whole world silent? and Why the is media turning a blind eye? Because they do not want to damage the image of Islam, which is supposed to be a "religion of peace."
Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are terrorist organizations that use the Koran to justify violence against Israel and non-Muslims.
The Western world must back Israel's right to defend itself.