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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Human Rights Lawyer Absolutely Destroys Every Leftist Blaming Israel For Muslim terror attacks "This is a religious war"

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If the Islamists Only had a Problem with Israel you could just call it a Israeli Palestinian conflict. but reality shows clearly that Islamists have a problem with Every western culture. its is NOT a conflict about land. its a religious conflict between Islamists and other muslims and Islamists against ANY western country.
This whole propaganda of Islamists claiming to have ONLY with Jews is Total BS.
the Islamists agenda is clearly to dominate and conquer as many countries as they can. 57 muslims countries and Israel is their biggest problem? LOL look no further than the last 100 years. check out & see how many muslims have been killed by other Muslims.
Terrorist attacks are carried out by radical Muslims throughout the Western world. This has nothing to do with Israel but with the Quran.