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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Iran: 15-year-old girl cries while being forced to marry 45-year-old Muslim man "I'm too young"

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A rare video from a Family Court in Iran shows the shocking reality of women and girls under the Sharia laws in Iran.
The women are totally subjugated to the muslim men, they have no right to divorce, they have no right to work, study or leave the house without the approval of the Muslim man.
As you can see in the video below, an Iranian girl who was forced to marry an abusive adult husband decided to rebel and demand a divorce, but the judge in the Sharia court did not seem to be listening to her.
He dismissed all allegations of violence,
neglect and abuse that were raised by the girl Because she has only a "half-brain" under Shari'a laws and without the testimony of a man who supports her claims the judge literally is not allowed to believe her under Sharia law.
She was deprived of any right to freedom, the judge decreed her to be a slave.
Please watch and share this video to raise awareness of the brutal violation of women's rights under Sharia law in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Media and feminist organizations in the West turn a blind eye to avoid damaging the image of Islam.