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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Germany asks Jews to hide their identity to avoid provoking Islamists,jihadist and Nazis to attack them

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Jews in Germany were told to stop wearing their Kippas or Yamulkas in public, for their own safety.
This warning comes amid a tense climate in which there was a 20 percent rise in anti-Semitic crimes in Germany last year.
Angela Merkel's failed immigration policy led to the strengthening of right-wing parties after receiving millions of migrants and refugees from the Middle East. Germany is no longer a safe place for Jews.
What does Angela Merkel expect? She welcomed millions of migrants From countries where Jews were exterminated and somehow expects them to change their attitude toward the Jewish minority in Germany.
Just think about it, there are no Jews in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Afghanistan etc.
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