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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Canadian PM cuts aid to churches, gives the money to Islamist groups instead

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Canadian government decisions are raising concerns about anti-Semitic and anti-Christian bias in Canada.
The Canadian government's decision to fund Islamic organizations
that promote the "Al-Quds" day march provoked outrage across Canada.
Al Quds Day was created by the Iranian terror regime as a platform for Muslims all over the world (especially in the West) to express public support for terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
Taxpayers in Canada have paid for Muslim organizations that advocate for the destruction of the State of Israel.
As you can see in the video below Hon. Candice Bergen, MP asked Justin Trudeau to explain why an anti-Semetic extremist organization received funding under the Canada Summer Jobs program, but churches who help the homeless are denied.
According to the Canadian law Justin Trudeau is making organizations undergo a values test before allowing them to be eligible to apply for funding from a federal program - This law discriminates against Jews and Christians.