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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Watch: un-covered Iranian girl burns the Qur'an to protest Islamic oppression - She faces the death penalty

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A video that went viral shows an Iranian girl who removed the hijab and burns Qur'an while condemning the Islamic culture under which human rights and freedom have been stolen from her entire nation.
"They preach this book to us while denying our freedom... I burn this book for a better future for me, my generation & my nation..."
Under the blasphemy law in Iran, anyone who insults or criticizes Islam faces the death penalty.
Please watch and share the video below.
Under Iranian sharia law Leaving Islam or converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death.
Christians in Iran are not allowed to practice their religion publicly. The persecuted Christian minority in Iran are forbidden from sharing their faith with non-Christians. Consequently, church services in Persian (Iran’s national language) are not allowed.
Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Assyrian community in Iran totaled approximately 200,000 people. However, since then many have fled and in 2015 only 32,000 Assyrians were left in the country, mostly in Tehran.
Iran is cracking down on its Christian minority, but the media and the UN are silent in order to avoid damaging the image of Islam.
Since 1979 Khomeini’s regime has executed tens of thousands of Iranians. The regime has killed thousands of Americans. This regime hasn’t changed in 40 years,
Germany, Britain and France should join the US and impose sanctions against the sharia regime in Iran.