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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Trump is permanently banned but not Iran's rulers threatening genocide of Jews

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As you can see in the video below Donald Trump Jr. slams the Twitter for permanently suspending President Trump's account while allowing war criminals and terrorists to use the platform to spread their Genocidal ideology.
According to Twitter, the threats by leaders of the Iranian terrorist regime to carry out a second Holocaust are "free speech".
It's so outrageous that the same "free speech" privilege is not given to Donald Trump who is consistently censored by Tech giants.
The fight against social media censorship needs to be a priority for EVERY conservative right now. Most people get their news online, meaning these companies control what the electorate does/does not see.
Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of the press and freedom of information are basic human rights in a civilized society.
This "re-education" process of conservatives by the tech giants must be stopped!

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